Forget Me Not, Stranger

Forget Me Not, Stranger
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Rating: 4.2/5

Author: Novoneel Chakraborty

Publisher: Penguin India

Publishing Date: March 2016

Language: English

Genre: Thriller

ISBN-10: 9788184007305

ISBN-13: 978-8184007305

ASIN: 8184007302

Format: Paperback

Pages: 296

Cost: Rs. 75.52 (Kindle Edition)


The last book of the Stranger trilogy, Forget me not, Stranger is here and it’s getting darker!

She may be killed soon… by the Stranger. She doesn’t know who or what he is: a ghost, a person or a figment of my imagination? All she knows of him is that he isn't just one thing: he is sexy and scary, terrific and terrifying. What does the Stranger have to do with a young, harmless girl like Rivanah, who works in a big city, stays away from her parents and has a screwed-up love life. Why would she be of any interest to him. Unless there is something about her own story that she herself does not know.

In the hotly anticipated final instalment of the Stranger trilogy, Rivanah will learn the answers to her many questions-What is it that binds her to the dead Hiya? Who is the Stranger? Why has he been following her all this while?-leading to an intense, breath taking climax.


This book is the rightful conclusion of this lengthy, thrilling tale. Rivanah indeed is about to find out about the Stranger and all her unanswered questions. With the way book 1 and book 2 led the readers thinking, half of book 3 was exactly that: leading them to the climax.

Coming to the story, Marry me, stranger and All yours, stranger had something in them which hooked every reader to it. So the expectations with Forget me not, stranger were very high. It stood to its expectations or not, that is up to the readers to decide. The proceeding of the story was in a very typical Novoneel Chakraborty way, with twists and turns in every chapter.

The ending may divide the readers into varying opinions which they are entitled to. However, it is definitely not something anyone would have expected. One may find oneself in dilemma and revisit the entire history of this thrilling tale.

Spoilers ahead!

Stranger is not a single person intruding a life of someone he specifically targeted. Stranger or after the story you'd know, 'Strangers' are apparently a group of emotional surgeons who operate on emotions of people and help them find the better versions of themselves.

With so much build up through out the prior two books and the half of this book, readers may feel confusion with how this ended. However, it’s worth a try!

About the Author:

Novoneel Chakraborty is the bestselling author of fourteen bestselling thriller novels and one short story collection titled Cheaters. His novel, ‘Forget Me Not, Stranger’ debuted as the No. 1 bestseller across India. His novel ‘Black Suits You’ was in top five thrillers category on ‘Amazon’ for fifteen weeks. While his Forever series was in the bestseller list for ten weeks straight after its release with ‘Forever Is a Lie’ featuring in the highest selling books on Flipkart for 2017. ‘Forever Is True’ made it to Amazon's Memorable Books of 2017 and Times of India's Most Stunning Books of 2017.

Known for his twists, dark plots and strong female protagonists, Novoneel Chakraborty is also called the Sidney Sheldon of India by his readers. His immensely popular thriller series, The Stranger Trilogy, has been translated into six Indian languages and has been adapted into a popular web series, titled Hello Mini, on MX Player produced by Applause Entertainment and Rose Movies. His erotic thriller novel, Black Suits You, has been adapted into the blockbuster hit Bekaaboo, while his exclusive digital novella, Red Suits You, is also being adapted into a web series by Alt Balaji. His short story collection, Cheaters, is now available in Hindi as well. Apart from novels, Novoneel has written and developed several TV and web shows for premiere channels and platforms.