International Art Exhibition: Kangra Art Museum brings together exhibits of artists from Europe, Asia

International Art Exhibition: Kangra Art Museum brings together exhibits of artists from Europe, Asia
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Dharamshala, India: The International Art Exhibition being organized at the Kangra Art Museum, Dharamshala for three days from December 1 has brought together exhibitions of artists from Europe and Asia.

Pradeep Thakur, Commissioner of Dharamshala Municipal Corporation, spoke media about art exhibits and stated that such exhibitions help to promote tourism.

He said, "The art exhibits exhibited here are very good and they show old and contemporary art. Any event like this gives a boost to tourism. This will also boost tourism around here."

Balwant Singh Bhadoria, an Indian artist, added, "Artists from Europe and Asia have participated here and paintings of around 25 Indian artists are being exhibited at this exhibition. Because the size of these paintings is very huge and it is a problem to transport them from outside, that's why we have displayed their prints over here."

The paintings shown at the International Art Exhibition provide a perspective into the worlds and expressions of these European and Asian artists.

"When you will see the paintings you will find them to be self-explanatory, they will give you some message. Also, you will understand here what the artists in Europe and Asia are doing... When the exhibit is set up here, it sends a message across about how the artists from other countries are doing their work, and this will also inspire Indian artists," continued Bhadoria.

Multimedia artist and writer Jang S. Verman from Jammu shared that there is no particular theme of this exhibition but rather it is about the artist's expression.

He said, "Various artists from different countries of the world have been displayed in this exhibition. So there are various themes according to the artist. They have used various modes of expression like nature, electronic media, etc."

"This whole Kangra area has been the centre of art activities for centuries. I think it is important for these activities to happen over here so that along with our traditional and pahadi style of painting, we also become aware of the events going on around the world," added Verman.

According to the museum's website, the Kangra Art Museum stocks various arts and crafts depicting the rich heritage of its people.

With artefacts dating all the way back to the 5th century, one can look through some of their most famous miniature paintings, a rich collection of sculptures, pottery and other anthropological objects.