Meraki Art Exhibition by Mini Suboth: Where Art will Meet Activism and Provide Connoisseurs with Immersive Experience

Meraki Art Exhibition by Mini Suboth: Where Art will Meet Activism and Provide Connoisseurs with Immersive Experience
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Mumbai, India: Meraki: A memorable celebration of the power and beauty of art is about to take place in the The Taj Art gallery, The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai. The compositions of artist Mini Suboth will be on display at the expo, which is slated to run from April 21st to 23rd, 2023.

From vivid and bold abstracts to expressive portraits that capture the essence of the human spirit, the artworks on display represent a wide variety of styles and techniques. Each painting is a special representation of the artist's perception and understanding of the world around us that will enthral both art collectors and enthusiasts.

Mini Suboth is a well-known artist with a distinctive aesthetic that is both bold and alluring. She creates a dynamic and emotive experience for the viewer using color, form, line and texture.

Her paintings frequently explore themes of identity, memory, and culture, drawing inspiration from both personal experiences and larger social and historical contexts.

Mini is an alumna of the Cine Art Institute, Kerala; the Fine Arts Institute, Trivandrum, The Abstract Painting Academy, US and Bold School, Canada. She is also a philanthropist, working to shape and elevate the lives of people in India's underserved communities.

Mini Suboth represented India's one of esteemed NGO Indian Development Foundation (IDF) which focuses on development, health and education in 67th UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) which took place in New York from March 6 to March 17, 2023, as a social ambassador for Art, Education-Women. The conference was attended by 116 ministers and delegates from all over the world.

Each work-from enormous canvases to smaller, more personal ones-is a demonstration of the artist's talent, expertise, and enthusiasm.

In addition to exploring the fine art, visitors to the exhibition will be able to stroll through The Taj Art Gallery’s opulent surroundings.

The artworks on display at Meraki Expo are intended to inspire change as well as elicit a range of emotions in viewers. Art has the ability to transform society by providing a platform for people to share their stories, experiences, and perspectives. It has the capacity to stimulate thought and inspiration, foster empathy and understanding, and encourage creativity and innovation. By learning about the emotions behind each piece of art that I have lovingly and gratefully created, I hope that viewers will be moved and inspired. Through Meraki, we are taking one more step towards transforming the lives of the less fortunate in our society and adding colors of hope to their lives,” stated Mini Suboth.

Along with the magnificent works of art on display, the expo will witness some rousing words from Dr. Narayan AB Iyer, CEO & National Coordinator of the Indian Development Foundation.

All of the proceeds from this exhibition will be donated to the Akshaya Shakti Welfare Association, an NGO that the artist founded to bring about societal change. Mini Suboth hopes that Meraki will open up the minds of art enthusiasts to some fresh viewpoints.