Milk prices surge as economic crisis contributes to inflation in Karachi

Milk prices surge as economic crisis contributes to inflation in Karachi
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Karachi, Pakistan: As Pakistan continues to grapple with economic challenges that, in turn, are contributing to inflation in the country, the cost of various essential products, including milk, have also gone up, putting the brunt on the people.

The reason for the skyrocketing prices of essential goods is due to energy shortages, and fluctuations in global commodity prices.

Amidst these hardships, voices from Karachi resonate with frustration and concern.

M. Akhter, a resident, expresses the struggles faced by daily wage workers and labourers, highlighting the impact of soaring prices not only on milk but also on related products such as Ghee (clarified butter).

"We can't sustain our households in such inflationary times," he laments, urging the government to consider the plight of its citizens amidst these challenging circumstances.

Faizan echoes similar sentiments, explaining that milk prices have escalated due to the rising costs faced by dairy farm owners for essentials like fodder, high rents, and water.

"They have no choice but to pass on these expenses to consumers," he observes, urging the government to prioritise the welfare of the common people regardless of how they came into power.

In Karachi, and across Pakistan, the struggle against inflation is not just about economic numbers but about the daily realities faced by the citizens.

According to local media reports, the cost of milk in Karachi surged notably after dairy farmers and wholesalers, in collaboration with Commissioner Karachi, settled on an agreement to raise prices by PKR 20 per litre.

The decision came after an extensive consultation session that lasted several hours, where the Commissioner met with stakeholders from the dairy farming, wholesaling, and retail sectors to discuss and finalise the price adjustment.

Following thorough deliberations, all parties reached a consensus to implement the PKR 20 per litre hike, setting the new price of milk at PKR 220 per litre, which represents a significant increase compared to previous rates.