Month-long exhibition on Goddess Durga at Indian Museum

Month-long exhibition on Goddess Durga at Indian Museum
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Kolkata: An month-long exhibition showcasing 30 artefacts on 'Durga - The Divine Power' will begin at the Indian Museum in Kolkata on Sunday.

A collection of statues, paintings, coins and other artefacts, in the possession of the museum, will be put on display at the exhibition, which will begin on Mahalaya -- five days ahead of Durga puja, Museum Director AD Choudhury told PTI.

"We will project different sides of Goddes Durga -- Durga as 'Stree Shakti', Durga as daughter, Durga as mother of Lord Ganesh, Durga as warrior goddess -- at the exhibition," he said.

The exhibition will mark the distinction accorded by UNESCO to Durga puja, highlighting the intangible heritage aspect, he said.

A terracotta Mahisashurmardini from Mathura, a stone Mahisashurmardini from Hyderabad, a Kalighat patachitra and Abanindranath Tagore's 'Ganesh Janani' will be featured among the exhibits.