Work, family pressure hinders learning among 91% Indian workers: LinkedIn

Work, family pressure hinders learning among 91% Indian workers: LinkedIn
Image source: Bloomberg
New Delhi: Notwithstanding the fact that a significant percentage of professionals in India say that their company is doing enough to cultivate a culture of learning, 9 in 10 professionals find it hard to prioritise learning due to work and family commitments, says a report.
According to new research by the leading professional network LinkedIn, 91 per cent of professionals in India face barriers such as feeling burnt out or family responsibilities that are getting in the way of their learning.
In a bid to overcome barriers to upskilling, professionals are resorting to 'Loud Learning', the act of being vocal and intentional about learning ambitions in the workplace.
LinkedIn research shows that 79 per cent of professionals in India believe that engaging in 'Loud Learning' can support their career growth.
Some of the benefits include providing opportunities for mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals (28 per cent), opening doors to new career opportunities or advancement (27 per cent) and facilitating knowledge and insights sharing amongst peers (26 per cent).
"According to LinkedIn data, skills needed for a job in India are expected to change by 64 per cent by 2030, so it is vital for professionals to be super-focused on learning," said Nirajita Banerjee, LinkedIn Career Expert & Senior Managing Editor.
LinkedIn is also introducing new AI-powered Premium tools to help professionals accelerate their learning journey.
LinkedIn Learning's new AI-powered coaching can help guide professionals' course experience by allowing learners to ask for summaries of content or clarifying questions and providing real-time insights and takeaways directly from the course pages.