Jaan apologised for his unintentional comment on Marathi language, says he didn't intend to hurt anyone. 

Jaan apologised for his unintentional comment on Marathi language, says he didn't intend to hurt anyone. 
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Jaan Kumar Sanu is one of the most cultured and well mannered contestants in Bigg Boss. Since the first episode, Jaan has build a reputation of the most sought after, matured, sensible and respectable contestant. 

For a boy who has successfully managed to make each and every contestant fall in love with him for his innocence, disrespecting a language is out of question. 

In yesterday’s episode were Jaan is visibly disturbed and emotionally vulnerable because of Rahul’s comment on Nepotism, his statement was specifically directed to Nikki Tamboli, requesting her to avoid talking in Marathi. It was clearly situational and not intentional. 

Bigg Boss Hindi which airs on Colors TV is a cosmopolitan show which means it shelters celebrities from different fields of entertainment while keeping their first language as Hindi which is India’s national language. 

Since the channel airs the show Pan India their reason to opt for Hindi as their first language seems obvious. Also it is against the rules to speak in any other language expect Hindi for that matter even English. 

Jaan Kumar Sanu and his entire family calls Mumbai their ‘home’. Time and again the they have prominently displayed their love for the city and their people. 

If calling out a contestant for talking in a language is disrespectful, then raising fingers on Jaan’s upbringing and his family background is justified? 

Rahul’s comment on nepotism hurt Jaan to an extend than he had to reveal traumatic details of his personal life to proof his credibility as an artist. 

Jaan Kumar Sanu's mother  says "“I request everyone to please treat this as a game and not attach their personal agendas with it. When Jaan, Rahul and Nikki were  together that time Nikki and Rahul were talking in Marathi which Jaan didn’t understand that’s why he requested them to avoid talking in Marathi because they were talking about him .Please analyse the situation and then come to a conclusion. How can he insult Marathi language? We are staying in Maharashtra since so many years, it is more than 30-35 years now. Maharashtra has given so much love and respect to his father Kumar Sanu ji. Such bizarre assumptions are causing a lot of unnecessary stress. The host of the show Salman Khan has clearly said that sirf Hindi bhasha ka prayog kare. Infact no one said anything when people made nepotism comments on him, where were you that time. I knew Shri Late Bal Thackeray ji and I know Uddhav Thackeray ji very well. How can we insult Maharashtra, they are family. Will you appreciate if Jaan starts talking in Bengali and for that matter each and every contestant starts talking in their state language. Please let him be, he is a kid, a child, don’t trouble him. We salute Maharashtra”

If that isn’t disrespectful then we don’t what is!