MLife Music Group Signs Canadian Sensation Annabel Oreste

MLife Music Group Signs Canadian Sensation Annabel Oreste
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NEW YORK, NY, US: 20-year-old Canadian sensation Annabel Oreste (better known as Princess Annabel) is one of the newest additions to the MLife Music Group family. The young artist takes on Pop, R&B, and Soul has won over public opinion, and she now finds herself on the path to stardom and sold-out shows.

Endowed with a crazy charisma that can charm anyone, Annabel Oreste is a dazzling singer with a powerful and unique voice. Once on stage, she demonstrates an unshakable talent for expressing vulnerability in her messages that can soften even the hardest hearts. Anyone that meets the young star knows that they are in the presence of a superstar.

After performing on Star Académie -TVA- Canada, Annabel quickly garnered attention. Her undeniable talent was enough to garner the attention of MLife Music Group who hopes to prepare her for the rigorous industry.

As Humberto Gatica states: "It's been a while since I have met a new artist with the talents to bring me back to the old days, like Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Andrea Bocelli, and Anita Baker to name a few."

Best-selling artist Lara Fabian also mentions: "It has been a privilege to witness such grace and talent; Annabel has it all, that is why she gives you more."

Although new to the game, Annabel’s influence will shake up the industry in the upcoming years.

Who knows, maybe we will see her in our theatres. Take a listen as Annabel Oreste performs ( a stunning cover of 'Body and Soul" by Anita Baker.