WhatsApp introduces event notifications for group chats

WhatsApp introduces event notifications for group chats
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Washington, US: In a bid to streamline communication and enhance group interactions, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature aimed at simplifying event organization within its platform.

As per GSM Arena, the messaging giant announced the rollout of a novel tool designed to facilitate the planning of gatherings directly within WhatsApp groups, eliminating the need for external applications.

With this latest update, users now have the convenience of creating events seamlessly, whether it's a virtual meeting, a birthday celebration, or any other gathering. This feature allows anyone within a group chat to initiate an event, enabling group members to RSVP, and providing clarity on attendance.

Events created within WhatsApp groups will be prominently displayed in the group's information section, ensuring easy access to event details for all members.

Moreover, attendees will receive timely notifications as the event approaches, keeping everyone informed and engaged.

Initially, this feature is being introduced to groups affiliated with Communities, with plans for a gradual rollout to all groups in the coming months, as per GSM Arena.

This staggered release allows WhatsApp to gather feedback and ensure a smooth experience for all users.

In addition to event organization, WhatsApp is enhancing its Community feature by introducing the ability for users to reply to announcements from group admins. These replies will be conveniently grouped together and minimized, allowing users to view them in context without cluttering the conversation.

Furthermore, notifications for such replies will be muted by default for everyone, preventing potential disruptions to group communication.