Showcasing Vikash Kalra's Grand Meditation on Shiva, Shiv, and Tantra

Showcasing Vikash Kalra's Grand Meditation on Shiva, Shiv, and Tantra
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New Delhi, India: Celebrated artist Vikash Kalra is delighted to unveil his latest collection, "Shiva, Shiv, and Tantra," at the prestigious Dhoomimal Gallery in Connaught Place, New Delhi. Organized by Artrise Auction House, this exhibition promises to be a captivating exploration of the Hindu deity Shiva, viewed through the lens of meditation and artistry. The grand inauguration of the show took place on July 10th, 2023, in the esteemed presence of notable guests including Uma Jain, Uday Jain (Director of Dhoomimal Art Gallery), Dr Vinay Sahasrabuddhe (President of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations), Adwaita Gadanayak (Director of National Gallery of Modern Art), Pankaj Sahani (Director of Artaholics), Dhruv Khurana (Director of Almost God), and Vrinda Khanna (Nation Outreach Coordinator G20), Nippon Dash (Coordinator C20 East India G20), PR Meena (Retd IAS Officers Association President), Georgina Maddox (Critic-Curator).

Featuring a remarkable collection of nearly 120 exquisite artworks, including a mesmerizing collage of 108 paintings, Vikash Kalra invites art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the divine realm of Shiva's grandeur and physicality. Inspired by profound meditative experiences, the artist skillfully captures the essence of his interactions with the omnipotent deity, translating them onto canvas with remarkable skill and boundless imagination.

The exhibition serves as a profound reflection of the artist's spiritual journey and his profound connection with the higher self. Each artwork vividly narrates the visions that Vikash Kalra has received during moments of focused meditation, offering viewers a unique glimpse into his distinctive perspective on the divine.

Complementing the captivating paintings, the exhibition also features sculptures that further enrich the visual and tactile experience for visitors. The intricate craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail in these sculptures add an additional layer of depth to the overall artistic narrative.

The "Shiva, Shiv, and Tantra" exhibition will be open for public viewing throughout the month of July during the gallery's regular visiting hours. Art enthusiasts, spiritual seekers, and admirers of Vikash Kalra's work are encouraged to visit Dhoomimal Gallery to witness the fusion of art and meditation and immerse themselves in the divine presence of Shiva.

This is an exceptional opportunity to experience the profound and transformative power of art as it intertwines with the spiritual realm.