Gender equality is double sided - Priya Kapur, Founder & CEO of Glocal Trunk LLP

Gender equality is double sided - Priya Kapur, Founder & CEO of Glocal Trunk LLP

Living her dream in this glorious era is Priya Kapur - the multi-faceted dynamic young achiever who successfully wears many hats.

After completing her graduation and training with City and Guilds - UK, she had set up her first venture, ‘Priya Kapur - Makeup & Hair’ in 2005. In 2013, her coffee table book ‘Bridal Diaries’ was released. Priya took her business of beauty to another level by designing looks for editorials, celebrities, and brides. Not content with her position as a businesswoman with a successful stint of over a decade in the world of grooming, Priya founded ‘The Glocal Trunk’ (TGT), an online fashion Jewelry retail platform in 2016.

Walking in her father’s footsteps, she is now gearing to take over the mantle of the family business from her father, Ravikant Kapur. Having honed her business acumen with on-ground experience, Priya has earned her place in her family business as the Director of Grentex and Co Pvt. Ltd. and GR Woollen Mills.

Her brand TGT’s initiative TGT Growth Buys is a special platform for bringing out the talent and creativity of women artisans and differently abled individuals. She is recruited by the Indian Merchants Chambers - Ladies Wing and has a membership with the Indo-German Chambers of Commerce to her credit, which empowers her to make a difference where it matters.   

Inspired by her mother’s humility and her father’s diligence, Priya believes she has found the potent formula for success, especially relevant in today’s times when superficiality is fast becoming the norm. Striving to build a successful home while scaling her business, Priya believes is the perfect way to lead a balanced life.

Read on the excerpts of the conversation, we at Apeksha Sandesh, had with multi-talented Priya Kapur.

Please share the story behind ‘The Glocal Trunk’. What made you start the venture?

The Glocal Trunk was borne out of a thought to consolidate a high fashion, affordable accessories and costume jewellery platform that would simplify shopping for a woman from all walks of life. We believe that the accessories market along with the fashion industry is forever growing. There are immense opportunities and potential in the industry, and aims to be a pioneer in setting online accessory shopping trends. Moreover, as a team, customer satisfaction is our priority and a customer coming back to us is our reward. We have been lucky to be a part of the digital market in a time, where maximum payments are made online.

Apart from this, it is my mother Minal Kapur, Co-founder of, who is the reason that we have been able to imbibe creativity and fresh ideas in an otherwise corporate structure.

What is the USP of ‘The Glocal Trunk’? How is different from wide range of brands available in the market?

The Glocal Trunk’s vast variety of jewellery, choice of collections, customer care, and affordable pricing has been our USP. Our first concern is customer satisfaction, followed closely with our meticulous curation of in-vogue and upcoming international fashion trends and jewellery pieces. Quality versus quantity is our motto, hence we aim to stock limited fine pieces in each design to give our customers a unique experience

Our brand has been a go-to option for many women from India and worldwide since its inception in 2016. Today, we stand humbled by the appreciation of our returning customers.

Our readers are keen to know about your initiative ‘TGT Growth Buys’.

TGT is a platform meant to encourage women entrepreneurs, skilled labour, and specially-able adults. Our special outreach platform, TGT Growth Buys, acquires handmade accessories made specifically by talented women artisans and differently abled individuals. We also encourage human empowerment and growth through our association with artisans directly and through social development organizations such as Trishul, Advitya, Mann (Center for Individuals with Special Needs), and ReSource (A brand supported by Srujna Charitable Trust).

Are you still active as a Hair & Make-up Designer? What kind of projects do you work on?

As a makeup artist and hair stylist, I began my journey in the mid 2000's and have styled for some of the biggest magazines, events, and fashion shows in India. I forayed into the world of doling out tips and tricks once we launched our Facebook page in 2010. However, we formalized the sharing of my expertise through my website/blog Now, the PKMH website covers everything related to makeup, product recommendations with reviews, home remedies, beauty, hair, nails, trends as per new seasons, product launches, etc. We have a lot more in store with baby steps paving our way into the business of beauty.

Our USP is the addition of men's grooming from a woman's perspective as well as a wide berth of beauty coverage. With the current ongoing situation in mind, we also have a section on wellness meets beauty. We have recently launched our YouTube channel to widen our audience base.

How do you juggle between so many roles? How do you manage it all?

Discipline and teamwork are the key in strategically planning each day. Prioritizing which job needs utmost attention, while allocating what can be done under my supervision. Every role demands a different side of my personality, so forethought and organised working helps me switch between roles seamlessly. The idea is the get the work done well but without burning out. 

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career so far, due to being a woman?

Being taken seriously as a woman in business, that so far, we were conditioned to believe was not meant for us.

Luckily, my familial upbringing was something that helped me wade through an ocean of dejection and reach where I am today. With much more to achieve, I am moving forward.

What is your opinion on (gender) equality? How important the issue is in the current times?

Gender equality is double sided. Women have been held back in several roles but the ones who could contend their way through have done that and been rewarded for it, whether in a domestic set up or at their workplace.

Yes, the fight for a woman to reach her goal is harder but overall, the times have begun to change now. We see several prominent women CEOs, company heads, Senior executives in roles that were once only male dominated. It is refreshing to see the respect a woman gets for her thoughts, hard work, and ideas.

What main change would you like to see for young girls in the next generation?

The young girls of the current generation or the ‘millennials’ as they say, are inspiring us daily. We see a difference in their thought and approach in comparison to the past generations. They work with precision and with a willingness to achieve their objectives with focus. And more of that is needed moving onward. The goal should be a happy healthy work life balance.

Have you ever been through an experience that made you realize that ‘woman’ and ‘powerful’ were two compatible ideas?

Yes, every day! Despite all the rejections, being powerful is a thought ingrained in me by my father. He has always emphasized that there is no one more powerful than a woman when it comes to implementation, nor anyone wiser while ideation. I have been one of the few lucky women to understand the compatibility of the terms - ‘woman’ and ‘powerful’ at home.

What is your opinion about the women being represented in the media, films, and literature?

Representations don’t necessarily reflect reality. However, they do influence the mind and I believe that the current scenario is depicting women in a very strong light. Women have had a very strong role to play whether it is in the Indian history or mythology. The only difference today is that ‘that female strength’ is now given center stage. 

Do you think Women’s Day should be celebrated? Why?

Yes, it should be! Women across the globe have had to fight for equality, challenge society for their basic rights, and some continue to carry the burden of this struggle today as well. This day is celebrated for them, and for every woman who feels or is made to feel lesser than the opposite gender even for a minute. And for that woman who has overcome that feeling. Yes, Women’s Day should be celebrated in all its glory.


Following the philosophy of ‘Winner Never Quit and Quitters Never Win’, Priya asserts that her journey has only just begun. Creativity has no limit and there is always a way to make your dreams a reality – she propounds. Apeksha Sandesh congratulates Priya Kapur for her success so far and wishes her good luck for the future endeavours!