PM Modi running 'school of corruption' in country, says Rahul Gandhi

PM Modi running 'school of corruption' in country, says Rahul Gandhi
Image source: PTI
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over electoral bonds on Saturday, alleging that he is running a "school of corruption" in the country and teaching all chapters in the subject of "entire corruption science".
On the social media platform 'X', Gandhi shared a video of a new Congress advertisement that takes a swipe at the BJP over the electoral bonds issue.
"Narendra Modi is running a 'school of corruption' in the country, where under the subject 'entire corruption science', he is teaching every chapter in detail including 'donation business'," Gandhi said in a post in Hindi.
The former Congress chief claimed that the prime minister was teaching chapters on how the collection of donations is done through raids and how contracts are distributed after taking donations.
"How does the washing machine that washes the corrupt work? How is the game of 'bail and jail' played by turning agencies into recovery agents," he said.
Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge also shared the same advertisement on 'X' and said, "Don't choose 'hafta vasuli' government, choose change. Vote for the Congress."
Gandhi alleged that the BJP, which has become a "den of corrupt people", has made this "crash course" mandatory for its leaders, and the country is paying the price for it.
An INDIA bloc government will shut this 'school of corruption' and close this course forever, he asserted.
In February, the Supreme Court delivered a judgment striking down the electoral bonds scheme.
Following a directive from the apex court, the State Bank of India, which was the authorised seller of electoral bonds, shared data on electoral bonds which was then made public.
The Congress has alleged that the electoral bonds data has exposed "corrupt tactics" of the BJP such as quid pro quo and grant of "protection" to companies against donations.